Disney World Hotel Highlight: Animal Kingdom Lodge


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Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney World Delux Resort

Animal Kingdom Lodge located at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is a Deluxe resort spanning over 46 acres of tropical Savannah, this resort offers a wide variety of amenities to its guests and its attention to detail is amazing. RJT Travels wants to walk you through some of the resort and give you the pro’s and con’s of staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge.


  • Numerous Dining Options
  • Multiple Pools w/ Water Slides
  • Quality Theme
  • Animals at your resort

Animal Kingdom Lodge is a Deluxe resort so it offers numerous Dining options which includes an all you can enjoy the buffet, and 2 sit down table service dining. They also offer a quick service location as well. Animal Kingdom Lodge also offers several lounges by the various pools.

Animal Kingdom Lodge offers a large pool called Uzima Springs, which offers a 67 ft long waterside and also has a kids wading pools and 2 whirlpools. You can also access another pool located over by the Villa’s called Samawati Springs Pool.

This resort has amazing attention to detail, from the wood carvings in the lobby to have the largest collection of African Art in the United States. When you walk into this resort. You will be blown away by some of the designs around the resort and even at the pool. They spared no expense when designing this resort.

When you are not splashing around the pool or enjoying some amazing dining options, there is still plenty to do at the resort, but the coolest thing is seeing the animals. SInce Animal Kingdom Lodge is built on Animal Kingdom property, the animal reserve actually extends to the resort and you can sit on your hotel room balcony and see over 30 species of animals including Giraffes, Flamingos, and Zebras.


  • Distance to the Parks
  • Limited Transportation
  • Cost

While the Animal Kingdom Lodge is an amazing resort with amazing attention to detail, it is located in the Animal Kingdom zone of Walt Disney World, which means it is far away from the other 3 parks and does take some time on the bus to get to parks besides the Animal Kingdom Park.

Another main Con with Animal Kingdom Lodge is that because it is so far away from the other parks there are limited means of transportation, only the bus lines is accessible from the resort. You can not use the monorail, boat or Skyliner, so there is a lot of people all using one transportation and as you know the buses take longer to arrive at the parks. (They do run extra buses to the resort to help make up for the time, but it’s still long)

This resort is a Deluxe resort meaning it is expensive and not a resort for someone on a budget. RJT Travels believes that resorts should not be the highest line item on your vacation, you spend most of the time in the park, and to spend this much money on a hotel is a little crazy. Looks at some of the moderate resorts and save some money so you can get that extra souvenir.

Overall Animal Kingdom Lodge is an amazing resort with lots to do, from the swimming to the dining it is all first class. If you are someone who wants luxury or someone who plans on staying at the resort more than the parks then this would be the resort for you. However is you are someone who gets up and goes to a park first thing and doesn’t come back until after fireworks, then this would not be the resort for you. The cost of this resort is high, it is far from the parks, and the only way to and from is the bus system. RJT Travels recommends looking at a moderate resort instead, save some extra money in that budget for that extra set of ears.

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