Disney World Hotel Highlight: Coronado Springs


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Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Disney World Moderate Resort

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort located at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is a Moderate Resort celebrating the unique blend of Spanish, Mexican, and Southwest American cultures at the newly reimagined Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. RJT Travels wants to walk you through some of the resort and give you the pros and cons of staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Coronado Springs
Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Waterfront

In reviewing this resort we noticed a number of things good and bad and would like to share them with you. Please see our Pro and Con list below:


The Dig Site

The Dig Site is in our opinion one of the coolest pool areas in Disney Resort Hotels. It comes with a large pool that has a replica Aztec Pyramid in the middle that pours water down into the pool, a Jaguar water slide, and next to the pool is a large playground. Definitely something you will want to try if you stay.

Distance to Parks

Although the bus line is the only available transportation to and from the parks, the good news is this is located closer to the parks, the closest park being Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT right behind that. We like these locations for resorts because that bus ride at the end of the night can be painful when your dead tired from walking all day, and this bus ride gets you there pretty quick.

Dining Options

Being a convention center does also has an advantage and that is dining options. This resort does have an assortment of sit down and quick service dining. It includes a quick service, 2 full sit down table service, a lounge with appetizers and specialty drinks, and a bar by the pool. There is no shortage of dining options at this resort.


Spread Out

This resort is rather large, and although it has a main tower of rooms it also has 3 separate buildings around its 22-acre property. So if you are staying in one of the other locations, you are spaced out from the main pool and main dining area of the resort, meaning even after all the walking in the park, your doing more at the resort.


This resort-like many others only have the Bus Line as transportation to and from the parks, so travel is a bit more difficult and you need to leave ample time before any fast passes or reservations. Since this is a larger hotel it tends to have a crowd build at the bus stop and you may have to wait for a second bus. Also, there are multiple bus stops throughout the resort so all the different sections can get on so you could add 10-15 minutes to your trip just getting through your resort.

Convention Center

This resort is also one of Disney’s Convention Centers, so it is always well attended and this leads to crowds at the pool, in the dining locations and yep you guessed it at the busses. Even when the park is in their “slow season” this resort still stays pretty well attended due to the conventions it is hosting.

This resort is a cool resort with lots of authentic South America theme and overall is a nice stay, however, this resort is not one we would recommend for families with children as much as an adult vacation. Due to the convention center is has lots of people around and is typically crowded, it has multiple bars and lounges that are adult-oriented, and is designed for the convention-goer more than the park-goer.

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