Disney’s Animal Kingdom Announces Two New Permanent Closures


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As the Animal Kingdom officially reopened people began asking about a couple of things that were not reopened and Disney finally answered. Walt Disney World’s the Animal Kingdom has permanently closed Primeval Whirl and had permanently ended the night time water and light show Rivers of Light. This was officially announced yesterday by Disney and is leading to more questions than answers.

Disney has not come out and confirmed for sure why they are stopping these attractions but the rumors are flying around. A lot of rumor for Primeval Whirl is they can not keep up with the maintenance of the ride, the makers of the ride are out of business. Also when you think about it, this ride is not really a Disney ride, its a smaller attraction and there is a very little theme involved and no real direct tie to Disney. Yes, it is in Dinoland USA, but that’s it, no tie to the dinosaur movie or any other Disney themes. It was a fun ride, but we are not really sad to see it go, more curious about what they are going to do with the empty space.

With RIvers of Light, this one was no surprise at all, we are honestly surprised it lasted this long. Historically the Animal Kingdom was not the park to finish the night at, you typically left early and went back to the resort or park hopped to the Magic Kingdom for their nighttime show and fireworks. The Animal Kingdom had some hard restrictions because of the animals kept on the property. They could not do fireworks and had to keep the noise down so they wouldn’t scare any of the animals. This meant limited nighttime entertainment. Rivers of light were a nice idea and did work for a small while, but again it was not the most exciting thing in the world and we will be curious to see if it is replaced with something else, or they just go back to not having nighttime entertainment.

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