No! RJT Travels is a fee-FREE Agency for any packages booked. We are In order to take advantage of our services, your trip needs to be booked by one of our Certified Agents.
RJT Travels is an Authorized/Certified Travel Agency with all of our vendors and we book directly through them. In addition to receiving everything from your vendor that is normally included with your booking you will also receive our free concierge services. All charges will be directly from the travel vendor (Universal, Disney, etc).
We are always willing to help you no matter what stage of the booking process your in, RJT Travels can take over any reservation and help get you what you need.
The RJT Travels team of Agents prides themselves in providing excellent service. We have years of experience and stay up to date on changes so you don’t have to. We have a passion for Travel and want to use that passion to share our knowledge and experience with you and help you “Turn Imagination Into Vacation”. We help you by walking you step by step through the booking process and take care of that process for you, anticipate your needs, and save you from wasting time doing extensive research on things that are team have extensive knowledge and experience with. Our agents are trained and have firsthand experience with most of the vacations we book. Providing you a personal touch on your vacation to make sure we Turn Your Imagination into a Vacation.
RJT Travels work with travelers with special needs on a regular basis and we are fully aware of the challenges these travelers face while vacationing. We’re more than happy to answer all your questions and to provide expert advice on the best way to travel.
Many agencies won’t book airfare for you or charge a fee. We at RJT Travels however will help you with your airfare and will help at no additional fee, because we are a fee-free agency. It’s just one of our many planning services to help you with your trip.
For Sure! Group travel is one of our many specialties for vacations. Whether it’s a wedding, a family reunion, or one of the several other group vacations, we have the experience and know-how to plan an amazing group trip
You absolutely could do it yourself, but why would you want to? You would spend hours on the Internet and hours on the phone trying to find the best prices for the best itineraries and still end up wondering if you really got the best deal, when all you have to do is contact RJT Travels. We’ll do all of that for you – at no cost to you! There’s no need for you to attempt to search through the various forms of information (and misinformation!) to try and get the best possible price. Let RJT Travels arrange your ultimate vacation, so all you have do is sit back and relax.
It’s really pretty easy. Just click on any of the “Request a Quote” buttons located throughout the RJT Travels website, then all you do is supply us with a few details and preferences and we do the rest. You can also pick up the phone and give us a call if you prefer. Whichever method you choose we assure you, you will speak with a friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable RJT Travels staff member on the other end who will put together the best vacation we can, to help “Turn You Imagination into Vacation”
You are always welcome to pay for your trip upfront, however it’s not necessary to pay the entire balance right away. The reservations created for you will be made in your name directly with the provider (Disney, Universal, Sandals, ect.). Your Personal Travel Expert will review with you all the rules around the financing your reservation including any deposits required, payment terms, due dates, and final payment requirements.

We Are Authorized Vacation Planners for: