Must-Have Beat the Heat Items for a Summer Vacation!


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Beat the Heat!

Taking a trip this summer and need to Beat the Heat, try these MUST HAVE items. The most popular time of the year for people to travel is during the summer months when students are out of school. The main downside is that normally in the summer months places like Florida or California are super hot and although you are having fun, beating the heat a little could make it that much better. So check out these MUST HAVE items to help you Beat the Heat!

The first item we want to talk about is having something to drink at all times. When its hot and your sweating up a storm the last thing you want to have happened is you get dehydrated. We recommend picking up an insulated water bottle so you always have something cold to drink. If your traveling somewhere like Disney or Universal both parks have free water at all of their dining locations, so you can keep refilling it all day. We recommend using Hydro Flask,

Its a great water bottle holds in the cold and keeps your water cool all day, its made of metal so it holds up well. We recommend a simple 24 oz bottle, it’s smaller and will fit in bags well, and it will fit in between your feet on rides. It has got multiple color options and is a great must-have on any summer trip to help Beat the Heat.

Click the link here to view the item on Amazon https://amzn.to/2ZxPN3T

Another item we highly recommend for any hot trip is getting yourself a cooling towel. These things are amazing, you pour some cold water on them or even some ice and it will absorb the temperature and help you cool down without getting all wet. We recommend having these towels with any little kids, they are easy to cool someone down or wrap around their neck or head and it keeps you nice and cool. If you are going to a Theme park like Disney or Universal they charge an insane price for something like this.

Save yourself some dollars and buy some ahead of time. A good brand is Sukeen, you can get a simple 4 pack of towels on Amazon for around $15. You can get them in various colors so the whole family can get the color they want and this is something you will for sure be happy you brought with you to help Beat the Heat.

Click the link here to view the item on Amazon https://amzn.to/2Osqr11

This is another item that is great to have especially if you have younger children, this fan is small and battery operated and can be mounted to a stroller. When its hot out and your kids are riding around in a stroller, feeling that sun beat down on them this fan could help provide some much-needed relief. We enjoy this item and it really helps in any situation, because of how it mounts it also works great on a Beach, stick it in the sand and it stays high enough that you don’t get sand blown everywhere.

RJT Travels likes this fan because it is battery operated and lasts a long time, its lightweight and can be mounted anywhere. You could face it towards the kids or turn it to face yourself for a little while. You can find this fan on Amazon at the link below and it runs at $32.99. Add this to your next trip to help Beat the Heat, you won’t regret it.

Click the link here to view the item on Amazon https://amzn.to/32JLPHp

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