Top 3 Travel Accessories Every Traveler Must Have With Them

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To enjoy your trip to the fullest, you must have all the travel accessories. Before traveling, ensure that you have all your important documents and other important travel accessories neatly organized. It will definitely make your trip easier.

Top 3 Travel Accessories

In the market, different types of travel accessories for men and women are available from which you can choose according to your needs. With all the important airplane travel comfort accessories, your trip will become a great memory that will last forever.

You can also relax, play, and even rest while traveling if you have particular accessories, such as headphones, a small towel, travel pillow, phone holder, etc.

Other Travel Accessories You Should Also Consider

This post will discuss three important travel accessories: a travel cup holder, a phone holder for travel, and a travel pillow. However, you should also consider other travel accessories to make your trip more enjoyable.

A good pair of headphones will help you enjoy the music and keep you away from the engine noise and crying babies. You can also take a small travel bag for your eatables and other important accessories.

It will make your long trips more comfortable. If you have small babies and toddlers, you should consider baby travel accessories and travel accessories for toddlers. Make sure that the things you carry must be lightweight travel accessories.

What should be the Exact Size of Travel Accessories?

When you are out in the market for purchasing travel accessories, don’t overlook the size, especially the liquids. The reason is that you can only take up to 100 ml of liquid per container.

Also, make sure that the travel bags your carrying with you must have the dimension of 22 x 14 x 9 inches. Also, the travel carrying bag must not be heavier than 50 pounds. In other words, the travel accessories you will carry must be lightweight.

Cost of Travel Accessories

Regarding the cost of the travel accessories, there are two types of people for it. Some people do not want to spend much money on travel items. However, some people take better care of things and therefore agree to spend more on travel accessories.

From my point of view, you should look for affordable items in all categories of travel accessories because you have to use them for a limited time.

1. Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder Free Hand Drink Caddy

Riemot is a great brand famous for manufacturing sports and outdoor footwear, shoe accessories, and other travel essentials. Riemot Luggage Travel cup holder can hold two coffee mugs.

You can easily adjust this travel cup holder on a suitcase handle. It is a great luggage travel cup holder and a great gift for businessmen and businesswomen. This travel cup holder will help you a lot while going through the terminal or sitting at your gate in a hurry.

Even if you have heavy luggage, you can easily hold a cup of coffee and put it back in this travel cup holder. t is made of high-quality premium Oxford cloth that is durable and washable.

Most surprisingly, this travel cup holder on luggage can easily fit most suitcase handles due to the elastic bands. Adjustable magic tape is also present in this mug holder, so your bottles remain secure and avoid spilling.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with three accessories
  • Made up of premium oxford cloth
  • Wear-resistant and foldable
  • Perfect for businessmen and women


  • The size of this luggage travel cup holder could be improved.

2. Airplane Travel Essentials Phone Holder

Airplane Travel Essentials Phone Holder offers a hands-free phone mount for climbing with 360-degree rotation. Most surprisingly, it is the best travel cell phone holder with a clamp that you can use anywhere, whether in your car or on an airplane.

Consequently, you can place your phone in this travel phone holder and answer your calls freehand. Most surprisingly, if you want to watch a movie reply, you can mouth the seat back or tray table.

At the same time, it is the best phone holder for travel with flexible angle adjustment. So it is multidirectional and allows 360 degrees rotation where you can position your phone to any convenient position for the best viewing angle.

This travel phone holder is compatible with 4.7 inches to 6.9 inches devices. So, it is compatible with iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and much more. It is a very handy little phone holder that can hold your phone the way you want.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with a strong clamp
  • Very sturdy and versatile phone holder
  • Give your phone a firm grip
  • Adjustable phone clip


  • No cons

3. napfun Travel Pillow for Airplane

Napfun Travel Pillow for Airplane is a high-quality memory foam neck pillow for travel. Most surprisingly, it gives you head rest sleep and is considered a portable plane accessory.

This is the best small travel pillow with 100% pure memory foam. Now, you can cushion your head and sleep comfortably to relieve painful pressure points. The most astonishing feature of this traveling neck pillow is that it comes with adjustable string closure with which you can fit your neck accordingly.

This string closure is best for people with small or big necks. Another feature due to which this neck pillow stands out in the market is that it is machine washable.

You have to unzip the zipper, remove its cover, and wash it in your machine. You must wash your travel pillow in cold water. Consequently, it is the best travel pillow for long flights. However, you can also use it while traveling in a car or bus.

Pros and Cons


  • It gives you enough support
  • Portable plane pillow
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Ideal for side sleeper and back sleeper


  • The memory form quality could be improved

Final Thoughts

Whether you are going for car or airplane travel comfort accessories, make sure that the products are high quality and long-lasting. Your main purpose is to pack things that are both functional and portable.

This post is particularly about the top three travel accessories: a Travel phone holder, travel cup holder, and travel pillow. At the same time, you should carry those travel accessories that are smaller in size and lightweight so that you can save space in your luggage.

Headphones and Android mobiles are the best travel accessories that can make your trip enjoyable and help you get through a long flight.

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