Top 5 Must Ride at the Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom


The Magic Kingdom the iconic Disney park that everyone dreams of visiting. The park has many great shows and restaurants but it also has some AMAZING rides that make it stand out from the rest. Here at RJT Travels, we have our top 5 favorite rides laid out for you, to help plan for your next Trip to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

#5 Jungle Cruise- We chose this ride because it’s a family-friendly boat ride that takes you on a journey down the “river” and lets you look at over twenty different animals, all while being narrated by your boat’s personal skipper who spends the whole ride telling you puns and jokes to make the whole family laugh. The Jungle Cruise is also one of the opening day attractions for Walt Disney World so it comes with authentic history and its considered an iconic magic kingdom attraction that has its own restaurant themed after it (The Skippers Canteen). You can find both the ride and the restaurant in Adventureland.

#4 Haunted Mansion– We chose to add the Haunted Mansion because its a uniquely themed family ride that gives more of an experience than a lot of other rides at the parks. As soon as you enter the line you’re immersed into a whole different experience and you forget where you are. There’s an outside and inside line que, a pre-show, and then the ride. As you ride through the eerie mansion you’ll see kid-friendly creeps and crawls and don’t forget they have 999 souls and they’re always looking for one more! You can get your scare on back in Liberty Square.

#3 Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin– We chose to add Buzz to the list because it is the only interactive ride in the Magic Kingdom and fun for everyone. As you enter your “spaceship” you ride along a track with laser blasters attached to your vehicle and you have to hit the target to earn points. There are two players per car and you compete to see who has the highest score. It’s easy and fun to use, plus it’s in the dark air conditioning and feels great on hot days. We highly recommend this ride for families who need a break from the heat. You can catch this ride in Tomorrowland.

#2 7D Mine Train– We added the 7D Mine train to the list because It is a more thrilling ride that still keeps the theming aspect that’s common for Disney. As you race through the diamond mines from Snow white, you’ll find all seven dwarfs and hear a familiar soundtrack. You will also get a great view of new fantasyland and get the chance to take home an awesome picture. The only drawback for this ride is that you practically can’t get on it unless it’s during the fireworks or you have a fast pass. The average line is about 95 minutes and most of the que is outside so its not worth an hour wait, but if you do get the chance to have a fast pass, take it because it’s a great ride, you can find it in Fantasyland

#1 Pirates of the Caribbean– Yo Ho! For our number one ride in the Magic Kingdom, we picked Pirates of the Caribbean. We picked this because It’s a boat ride through a pirate-infested town where you’ll get to experience the swashbuckling search for Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew. The town will need your help to find him and Jack will need help avoiding Captain Davy Jones, and we can never forget the AMAZING soundtrack that you’ll hear the whole ride. I highly recommend this daring adventure, and don’t forget, dead men, tell any tales! You can catch a ride to this daring adventure in Adventureland.

I hope you enjoyed our top five picks for Disney’s Magic Kingdom and take them into consideration on your next magical trip.

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