Top 5 Rides at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios


Hollywood Studios previously known as MGM Studios, is home to many rides and experiences based on the Disney movie magic we all know and love. It’s home to some of the more classic attractions, and some of the newest. Here are RJT Travels top five picks for this magical park.

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#5 Tower of Terror– We chose Tower of Terror for our list because of its detailed theming, unique dropping ride system, and family-friendly “scares”. Once you enter the Hollywood Tower Hotel you’ll explore the haunted lobby until you enter the pre-show. After Rod Serling warns you about their mysterious elevator, you move on into the second and final que before boarding. The ride takes you 199 feet in the air and drops you straight down in one of four different randomized patterns. We highly suggest you use a fast pass and remember to put your hands up and enjoy the ride. This haunting adventure is located at the end of Hollywood Blvd.

#4 Slinky Dog Dash– Slinky Dog Dash is part of the new Toy Story edition to the park in 2019. It’s a family-friendly roller coaster that has speed, lights, and a familiar soundtrack. It has two launches, one drop and a top speed of 40 mph. Unfortunately, this is one of those rides that you practically need a fast pass for because the wait is usually between 70-100 minutes and the line cue is entirely outside with little shade. I recommend doing the ride at night after the sun has gone down, because the track is lit up, the line is way shorter and altogether it gives a totally different experience. You can find the Entrance to this coaster inside Toy Story Land.

#3 Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway–  Runaway Railway is one of the best rides in the park and the only ride of its kind. The Disney Imagineers refer to it as four-and-a-half-D, it’s a trackless dark ride with simulations, real sets, an original soundtrack, and state of the art animatronics. As you join Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and the rest of the cartoon gang on their picnic, you’ll face every inconvenience along the way. It’s entertaining for the whole family and offers a slightly different experience each time you ride. Try to get a fast pass, but if you can’t, the line is inside in the air conditioning and moves rather quickly but it’s probably going to be about an hour wait. This amazing adventure is found in the iconic and historic replica of the Chinese theater previously home to the Great Movie Ride.

#2 Rise of the Resistance– We added Rise of the Resistance at number two on this list because it’s one of the newest rides in the park and is the main attraction in the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. This ride is probably the most detailed experience in the entire park. You spend the 18 minutes of your ride avoiding Kylo Ren and trying to escape back to the resistance. This ride is a trackless dark ride with sets and simulations and honestly, makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a star wars movie. It’s family-friendly and entertaining the entire time. The only downside to this amazing experience is that it’s Not Included in the Fast Pass system. Rise of the Resistance has its own system for waiting in a line called boarding passes that gives each party a time to return for your experience, however, they have a limited number of passes and people allowed per pass. Altogether, it’s one of Disney’s most advanced rides to date and it’s impressive and fun for everyone. We highly recommend it and may the force be with you!

#1 Toy Story Mania– For number one on our list, we chose a timeless classic inspired by the Toy Story Franchise. It’s an interactive ride that has a duration of 8 minutes and it’s part of the new Toy Story Land. When you enter the line que, you’re shrunk down to the size of a toy where you will notice that the que is made from tinker toys, crayons, and other craft supplies. You’ll also be entertained by a Mr. Potatohead animatronic who does stand up comedy for your enjoyment. Even though the line is often long, it’s inside and air-conditioned so it’s bearable. Once you enter your vehicle there are blasters attached to your car, as the car moves along the track you’ll be shown targets and have to play mini-games to earn points. You compete against the three other players in your car and along the way, you’ll get to see all of your favorite toy story pals. You can ride the great game over at the entrance of Toy Story Land.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our top five picks for Hollywood Studios, and you take them into consideration on your next magical trip to Disney.  

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