Top 5 Rides for Your Next Trip to Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom


Sometimes there’s nothing you love more than to explore the wilderness and seek adventure, and Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom has plenty of both. There are many fun and classic attractions to be found and we picked our top five.

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#5 Dinosaur– Dinosaur is an action-packed Jurassic adventure that sends you back in time to help Dr. Seeker brings back a dinosaur for him to study before the asteroid destroys them. It’s located in Dinoland U.S.A and has a usual wait time of about 60 minutes. It uses simulators and audio-animatronics to make you feel like you’re truly back in time. We do not recommend you bring young children because it can get very loud and dark and it’s considered to be a thrill ride. However, it is an enjoyable ride for older audiences and definitely worth checking out.

#4 Primeval Whirl– The primeval whirl is just like a crazy mouse type coaster with one simple twist, your car spins circles while your whipped around corners and dropped up and down on the hills. It’s the one ride in Dinoland that’s entertaining for all ages and it has a bright colorful look. After you board your ride vehicle, You’ll be sent on the journey back in time. Beware the journeys are a bit complicated because you’ll get sucked into twists and spinning turns with surprising kid-friendly drops and surprises. Make sure to make note that the ride is outdoors, and so is the cue, but it’s covered by a roof and not worth a fast pass.

#3 Kilimanjaro Safari- The Kilimanjaro Safari is something that represents what animal kingdom started as and what it represents. You board your jeep in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom and then you embark on a real safari experience! You’ll come less than 20 feet away from real free-range lions, hippos, giraffes, gazelles, and so many more. Your journey can last between 20-25 minutes and is full of exciting things to see and learn about along the way. You’ll also get great photos! The only downside to this attraction is that the average line is about 80 minutes and it’s outside so it can be rough without a fast pass. Overall it is a pretty cool original experience that you won’t soon forget.

#2 Expedition Everest– This daring 3 minute, 199 feet tall roller coaster is one of our favorite things in the whole park. You start off your adventure in the Asian pavilion, aka the foot of the Himalayan mountains. As you move through the cue, it tells the story of how you’re part of a team that’s traveling through the mountains in search of the yeti. After your ride has begun, you travel up and down small hills until you reach the main hill and ascend up slowly. Unfortunately, once you get there you see that the yeti has bracken off the track and you get stuck, only to be released down the hill backward at 50mph! During the ride, you’ll go through snowy caves, up and down the smaller mountains, and even see the yeti himself! We highly recommend you ride this, even if you don’t have a fast pass because it’s one of the best things about the park.

#1 Flight of the Banshee– Flight of the banshee is a completely different experience that is nearly impossible to describe. It is located in the AMAZINGLY detailed Pandora expansion and makes you forget where you are. It’s got bright neon-colored plants, with floating rocks, waterfalls and so much more. There are two rides located in Pandora, but only Flight of the Banshee is number one. Before the ride starts, you get to make yourself into an avatar and then find your own banshee to ride on. The ride system uses 4D simulator technology to make you feel like you’re flying. The attention to detail is out of this world and it’s probably the best ride in the park.

I hope you like our picks and take them into consideration on your next magical trip to Disney World.      

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