Universal Studios Hotel Highlight: Aventura


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Aventura Hotel Rooftop Bar
Aventura Hotel Rooftop Bar

The Aventura Hotel; when staying at Universal Studios Orlando you can choose the Aventura Hotel at the resort. The brand new, high tech resort will offer a lot of cool features including Universal Studios Orlando’s 1’st Rooftop Bar and RJT Travels took some time to show you everything and include some pros and cons of the Aventura Hotel.



This is honestly one of our favorite things about this resort, most hotels keep it simple with technology in the room, like a TV, a phone, and maybe a mini-fridge. Well at the Aventura they include an all-controlling tablet. This table is located on a charging station on the nightstand and can control the TV, the temperature in the room, the lighting, and even order room service. This is a really cool feature and makes the stay a little more fun.

Modern Design and Views

Another really cool thing about this new resort is that it feels new. The entire hotel is built with this modern architect and just has that new feel. Even in the rooms it has a modern design and makes you feel like your in an amazing hotel. One really cool feature is the glass panels in the room, it separates the sink area outside the bathroom with the rest of the room but still lets light in and looks amazing. Also speaking of looks this resort is right behind Volcano Bay so the views of the park is incredible and you can also see both of the other parks skylines, making the view from the resort incredible.


This hotel is in a great location for getting to the parks especially the water park Volcano Bay. When you walk to the pool area of the hotel there is a gate on the side that is a direct walkway to the front of Volcano Bay and even better its about a 5 min walk, so not a long walk either. Besides getting to the park quickly this is also great for the view, your hotel overlooks the waterpark and you can see the skyline to the other parks as well when you sit in the rooftop bar and lookout you can see some amazing things.


Does Not Include Express Pass

When you stay at a Universal Studios Orlando Hotel you get the express pass included in your room cost, so you can make sure your skipping those long lines and getting to ride all of the things you came to, however, the Aventura resort is a Prime Value Resort so it is made to be a more affordable option which means it does not come with the express pass. If you wanted the express pass you would have to purchase separately and they are pretty expensive.

Overall Review

Overall we love this hotel at RJT Travels, first, it is in a good location to the parks having less than a 5 min walk to Volcano Bay. It’s a modern and high tech hotel with things to do for all ages from a full Virtual Reality Game Room to a Roof Top Bar with some amazing views. This hotel has a nice dining area nothing fancy but a good place to eat and the pool isn’t huge but is super fun and has a nice bar next to it.

Finally, this is a Prime-Value Hotel so the cost is not extreme, and yes it does not include the Express Pass but we have gone several times to Universal without the express pass and still was able to ride everything. If you are planning a trip to Universal Studios Orlando, we recommend staying at the Aventura.

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